French Country Kitchen designed and built by Cabinet Plant

The One Cabinet Style Every Designer Needs To Know: Traditional American

In this installment of the Craftsman’s Newsletter, we’re spotlighting one of finest cabinetmakers in the world, Cabinet Plant and their signature Traditional American line.We offer a variety of custom options at pricing that can scale to any budget. But more importantly, our brand is dedicated to quality and best-in- class design.

Cabinet Plant: Domestic Legacy

Produced in Pennsylvania by a team of craftsman with over half a century in experience, Cabinet Plant specializes in modern overlay and insert cabinetry construction. Renowned for our impeccable quality and attentive service, our northeast location allows Cabinet Plant to source sustainable wood produced across the United States, where we are proud to uphold an American tradition of domestic hand-crafted quality.

See The Cabinet Plant Difference

Our signature line offers a full service Architectural Mill work and Construction Company, Our mission is to ensure that form and function are never compromised in the pursuit of design. We are a luxury brand that offers unparalleled access to a broad range of hand crafted and select quality materials.