Aster Cucine Catalog

Aster Cucine Atelier Collection

A new vision of elegance for a pure design. Sophisticated spirit and modernity of lines in the union of elements in new combinations, by defining unexpected home architectures and integrating symmetries, asymmetries, surfaces, beauty

Aster Cucine Contempora Collection

Distinguished by clean lines, Contempora offers sleek storage solutions for an immaculate, minimalistic space. Beautifully grained woods and luxurious high gloss and matte lacquers finishes can be combined in this spectacular series to create a truly one-of-kind design.

Aster Cucine Brera Collection

Inspired by the famed nineteenth-century Accademia di Brera, Milan, which was known for its annual exhibitions at its magnificent Palazzo Brera for showcasing the best art and culture of the time, the exclusive kitchen collection pays homage to a unique tradition.

Aster Cucine Avenue Collection

Avenue combines avant–garde style with classical details to create kitchen designs inspired by the whimsical spirit of the Avenue des Champs–Elysees in Paris. Offered in an eclectic range of rich materials, countless combinations, and luxurious finishes, this classic meets contemporary collection offers endless possibilities to create the kitchen that’s perfect for you and your home.

Aster Cucine Noblesse Collection

A contemporary look, for tactile memories. The noblesse collection is not tied to any one particular historical period, it is neither all-modern nor all-classical. Noblesse neither rebels nor fawns. This collection is born out of a conscious decision to give body to strong contemporary feel with a truly aesthetic look that making memory tangible, tactile.

Aster Cucine Factory Collection

‘Work in process’ is how we like to define our Factory mood. Think of this as an atelier teeming with ideas, cross-contaminations of different styles and materials. Steel and wood. Corten weathered steel and gloss lacquered finishes? The Factory mood is about taking a stand for non-conformists, with the accent on standing out from the ordinary.

Aster Cucine Domina Collection

The pencil draws what Domina creates, every corner, every space, every material, every color. Domina is all about dominating the space it fills, taking charge of the colors. Sensuous curves have evolved to celebrate curves as a key decorative feature of the design.

Aster Cucine Timeline Collection

Timeline is a sleek and modern series that will blend in well in any modern space, but also works for traditional homes as well. Drawing on the history of craftsmanship and artisans of centuries past, Matthew Berman and Andrew Kotchen, design principals at workshop/and, created a kitchen collection with a slightly old-world look and feel for contemporary life.

Aster Cucine Luxury Glam Collection

Luxury Glam
a collection which is all about the draw of elegance, sensuality and luxury.‎ With ‘luxury’ representing both extravagances and having the time to enjoy it, and ‘glamour’ being all about what draws us to it, in that this collection is both fascinating and seductive.‎ Luxury Glam is all about the dream that comes true, strong feelings made manifest in the shape of true beauty.‎

Aster Cucine Opera

OPERA by Aster Cucine truly sets the scene for raised passions.‎ Taking as its cultural inspiration the Italian Renaissance and adding dignity to enrich its artfully crafted furniture.‎ The whole world takes the Italian Renaissance as an artistic and cultural point of reference.‎ The theatre standing at the center with all the plays, dreams and magic it offers.‎

Aster Cucine Outoor Prep Island

Nature always takes its time.‎ Let’s take our own together.‎ The collection “Outdoor” is designed to stand the test of time.‎ Made with materials perfect for living outside.‎ Iroko wood.‎ Stainless steel and porcelain stoneware.‎ Natural stone.‎Weatherproof cooking technology.‎ “Outdoor” is intended to be last over time.‎

Aster Cucine Accessories Collection

‎New accessories Collection of Aster designed by Lorenzo Granocchia. Compositions of elements designed to express your personal needs.