Our objective is to provide you with all the tools and materials you need in order to make your next renovation project as seamless as possible. We have partnered with several flooring companies that are committed to our standard of quality.


Established in 1984, HomerWood is based in Titusville, PA in the heart of the Appalachian region that supplies most of the raw lumber used to craft our floors. Our vision was to hand-craft beautiful hardwood floors from lumber supplied from sustainable, well managed local forests.

HomerWood purchases raw material from suppliers who employ only the highest standards in forestry practices, thus assuring the conservation and replenishment of our forests. HomerWood floors are produced with zero waste, are Carb II compliant with zero off-gassing, no urea-formaldehyde and no VOC’s. HomerWood is a zero-waste manufacturer, and all wood fiber from the manufacturing process is utilized, right down to the tiniest particle of sawdust.