Our Partners

We work with some of the best renovators and cabinetry builders in the business.

We’re immensely proud and honored to work with talented craftsmen and industry pioneers from across the region. Here are just a few of the suppliers we act as dealers for:


Kountry Kraft
Kountry Kraft is one of the U.S.’ leading custom cabinetry companies, having been established nearly half a century ago. Their cabinets effortlessly mix the new with the old to come up with revolutionary new designs that fit into a wide range of different decors and interior styles. Their excellent craftsmen are always on the top of their game and we love everything about their work. Learn more at their website here.

Aster Cucine
Bringing quintessential Italian style and elegance to an international market, Aster Cucine are reliable stalwarts of the custom kitchen cabinet industry, always staying a step ahead of décor trends to bring something new with every door, every handle and every drawer. With contemporary traditional, modern and progressive styles to choose from, there’s an Aster Cucine cabinet for everyone out there. Learn more at their website here.


Artistic Tile
Artistic Tile, as their name suggests, are a progressive and excellent company that turn tiling into an art form. Using only the best materials and the finest tiles, Artistic Tile can turn any room in your home or business into a work of art that enchants and beguiles your guests in equal measure. Learn more at their website here.